My Priorities

The last three years have been rough on our students, and the data shows it. The road to recovery won’t happen overnight, but together we can get back on track. My five major priorities are Parental Involvement, Supporting Educators, Communication and Transparency, Local Issues/Local Decisions, and School Safety.

Parental Involvement

When parents are involved in their children’s education, the children thrive. As a member of my local PTA and School Community Council, I provide opportunities for parents and other influential adults to attend school events with their students. As a member of the Canyons School Board, I will continue to advocate for increased parental involvement and opportunities for parents and influential adults to be part of their student’s education.

Children and parents touring a hanger

Supporting Educators

For our students to succeed we must be able to attract and retain the best educators. Our teachers are tired, underappreciated, and have had endless new demands placed on them. They need more than a $300 one-time bonus. We must support our teachers, balance their workloads, and create a work environment they’re excited about every day.

Teachers know I have their back. I’m proud to be the only candidate for Canyons School Board in District 4 to be endorsed by Canyons Education Association.

Teachers cut the ribbon for a new school

Communication and Transparency

Open lines of communication are essential for parents to be involved in the education of their children. Canyons School District has a long history of having open lines of communication between parents and teachers, parents and school administration, and parents and district level staff. I will support these open lines of communication, and pledge to be accessible to my constituents.

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Local Issues, Local Decisions

Canyons School District isn’t Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, or even Salt Lake City. We have our own unique challenges and culture. I’ll fight for decisions to be made at the local level, and push against the outsider agendas that seek to divide us and burden our parents, students, and teachers.

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School Safety

The NUMBER ONE expectation of schools is that our children come home safe. I am the only candidate running for Canyons School Board with experience in public safety. I understand the threats our students face, and together with our internal and external partners we can ensure that students and staff are safe at all our facilities.

Andrew Edtl standing guard in Iraq with barbed wire and a military vehicle in the background.