About Andrew

In the Canyons School District, every classroom, hall, and playground resonates with the promise of a brighter future. My four children give me a personal view into this journey. However, my drive goes beyond just my family. It’s about ensuring every child in our district has opportunities to thrive, be challenged, and succeed.

Having earned my Bachelor of Science Degree at Western Governors University and my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Westminster University, I appreciate the profound impact of purposeful education. Every decision I make as your representative is underscored by a commitment to high-quality learning experiences, robust support for educators, and fortifying our schools as pillars of safety and innovation.

Our community, united in its vision for our students, propels me forward. In every endeavor, my focus remains unwavering: championing an education system where every student can realize their full potential.


Community Experience

My commitment to the Canyons School District is deeply rooted in hands-on involvement. Since my eldest child began their educational journey, I’ve actively participated in pivotal community roles:

  • Four terms as School Community Council Chair, collaborating directly on School Improvement Plans and allocation of resources to drive academic excellence.
  • Two terms as PTA President, leading initiatives to enhance school experiences.
  • Two terms as Council PTA President, working at a broader level to address overarching educational concerns.


Additional Community Engagement

Beyond my educational advocacy, I’ve dedicated myself to various roles that fortify the fabric of our community. These experiences have enriched my understanding and deepened my commitment to service. My roles have included:

  • Job Coach for Refugees: Supporting new members of our community in their journey to establish roots and achieve economic stability.
  • Scoutmaster: Guiding young individuals in their personal growth, fostering leadership, and encouraging a commitment to community and nature.
  • State Delegate & County Delegate: Representing the interests and concerns of our community at both state and county levels, advocating for policies that serve our collective good.
  • Precinct Chair: Facilitating community discussions, ensuring voices are heard, and fostering local engagement.
  • Legislative Chair: Actively participating in shaping legislative priorities and pushing for change that reflects the values and needs of our constituents.


Depth of Experience & Dedication

For nearly two decades, I’ve been committed to service and leadership in the Utah Air National Guard, cultivating a unique skill set that I now bring to every new challenge:

  • Guardian of Information: Over the past seven years, I’ve championed efforts to protect our most sensitive data and streamline operations. My dedication ensures both readiness and trustworthiness, integral to any successful institution.
  • Leader & Mentor: Beyond the confines of policy and procedure, my roles in Human Resources have been underscored by a deep sense of leadership and mentorship. From optimizing team dynamics to guiding the next generation of service members, I’ve always placed people at the forefront of my mission.
  • Global Health Advocate: My work on the international stage has been transformative. Whether launching critical health programs or fostering essential health partnerships — notably our impactful collaborations in Morocco — I am driven by a vision to elevate health standards and enhance worldwide collaboration.

To further explore the breadth and depth of my professional journey, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn page.

Andrew Edtl and his family in front of American flags
Andrew Edtl poses with the Jordan Student Council
Andrew Edtl poses with a teacher
Andrew Edtl poses with the Glacier Hills student council.
Andrew Edtl poses with students working on a house.

Andrew Edtl is a member of the Air National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.