My Priorities

Education in our district is a journey shaped by dedication, forward-thinking, and community collaboration. Reflecting on our shared aspirations, I champion the pillars of High Quality Learning, Supporting Educators, Strengthening Every School, Safe Learning Environments, and robust Facilities and Infrastructure. These priorities aren’t just a roadmap; they’re our shared commitment to ensuring that every student experiences excellence at every step of their educational journey.

High Quality Learning: My Vision

Education is more than a responsibility; it’s a deeply-held passion that drives my work. Here’s my vision for what High Quality Learning should encompass:

  • Personalized Learning Experiences: Every student deserves an education tailored to their strengths and interests. I envision our classrooms as hubs of creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, curiosity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Going Beyond Basics: I’m committed to an educational approach where students delve deep, mastering the skills and truly understanding the knowledge they acquire.
  • Diverse Learning Pathways: Every student’s journey is unique. It’s my goal for our schools to offer engaging and challenging pathways, tailored to the individual strengths and aspirations of each student.
  • Understanding Before Advancing: Competency-based learning is the future of education, and a central tenet is ensuring no student is left behind. If a student hasn’t fully grasped a concept, it’s crucial they understand it before progressing. This approach ensures that every child is solid in their foundational knowledge, preventing gaps that might hinder future learning.
  • Human-Centric Tech Integration: In our digital age, technology is vital, but it’s a tool, not the core of teaching. I’m championing an educational approach where technology aids learning, but the irreplaceable human connection between teachers and students remains at the heart of the educational journey.
Students at Canyons Technical Education Center practice medical techniques on a baby mannequin

Supporting Educators: My Commitment

Both teachers and support staff are invaluable to the heart and soul of our educational system. From classroom instructors to those ensuring smooth school operations, every role matters. Here’s how I’m championing their cause:

  • Resource Allocation: Whether it’s for the classroom or the school office, having the right tools is essential. I’m devoted to ensuring that our teachers and support staff are well-equipped, benefiting from modern resources that streamline their roles and enhance student experiences.
  • Professional Development: Growth opportunities shouldn’t be limited. I’m passionate about offering training and development for both our educators and our support staff. This ensures everyone is empowered with the latest knowledge and skills, regardless of their role.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Hard work and dedication come from every corner of our schools. I believe in acknowledging the tireless efforts of both teachers and support staff. Fair compensation, benefits, and opportunities for recognition are paramount.
  • Work-Life Balance: A happy school environment stems from happy staff. By addressing workloads, ensuring ample breaks, and promoting well-being, I’m committed to making sure everyone can give their best without facing burnout.
  • Open Communication Channels: It’s essential that everyone feels their voice is heard. Whether it’s feedback from a teacher about curriculum or input from a support staff member about school operations, I prioritize open and transparent dialogue.
Teachers cut the ribbon for a new school
Andrew Edtl standing with Anna Taylor at Midvalley Elementary School.

Strengthening Every School: My Pledge

Every school, every student, every educator holds immense value and merits unwavering support and necessary resources. With this guiding principle, I aim to raise the standard of education across our district, with an emphasis on meeting the unique needs of each school. Here’s how:

  • Tailored Support for Title 1 Schools: Our schools facing the greatest socio-economic challenges deserve attention to level the playing field. I advocate for specialized programs, additional resources, and robust support tailored to the distinct needs of these schools, to amplify opportunities for all their students.
  • Uplifting All Schools: While understanding the challenges some schools face, my commitment remains steadfast to champion every institution within our district. This means dedicated resources, attention, and advocacy to support the aspirations and needs of each school.
  • Community Engagement: A thriving school environment arises from active community partnerships. By fostering robust ties between schools, parents, local businesses, and community figures, we can cohesively address school-specific needs and aspirations.
  • Continuous Improvement: An evolving educational landscape calls for adaptable strategies. Through evaluations, feedback, and regular dialogues, we can refine our methods and actions to meet the shifting needs of our schools.
  • Empowering School Leadership: The heartbeat of a school’s success lies with its leadership. I advocate for enriching our principals and school leaders with the resources, training, and autonomy they need to navigate their school’s unique challenges and triumphs.
Volunteers with paint brushes pose for a picture.
Students collaborate around a white paper with the text Characteristics of a Good Leader written on it.

Safe Learning Environments: My Dedication

The foundation of any effective learning environment is rooted in safety. Every student deserves a space where they can grow, explore, and learn without the weight of worry or the disruption of distractions. Here’s my comprehensive approach:

  • Physical Security Measures: I advocate for the consistent implementation and upkeep of top-notch security features across all our schools. This spans secure access points, habitual safety drills, and collaboration with local safety authorities.
  • Bullying Prevention through Thrive Time: Every student deserves a bully-free environment. I’m a strong supporter of our district’s “Thrive Time” initiative, a homegrown approach that focuses on fostering kindness, understanding, and conflict resolution among our students.
  • Robust Support Systems: Recognizing that every student’s learning journey is unique, I champion tailored support for those who might face academic or social challenges. This ensures every child receives the right guidance, at the right time, to flourish.
  • Mental Health Emphasis: A student’s emotional well-being is paramount. Strengthening counseling services, incorporating lessons on emotional awareness, and offering educators the right resources can better cater to our students’ mental and emotional landscape.
  • Digital Safety Protocols: As digital natives, students must be well-versed in navigating online spaces safely. This involves understanding credible digital sources, safeguarding personal details, and being aware of potential online threats.
  • Cultivating Trust: Building and nurturing trust between students, educators, and staff is essential. This involves open communication, consistent check-ins, and an overall culture of care and attention.
Andrew Edtl gives a student a high five during a school's red carpet event.

Facilities and Infrastructure: Building Toward Excellence

Every school building in our district should reflect our commitment to education, from the newest facilities to the cornerstones of our community like Jordan High School. As we’re shaping the minds of our future, the environment in which they learn is crucial. Here’s my approach:

  • Sustaining Excellence in Newer Schools: It’s not just about building new schools; it’s about maintaining their sparkle and ensuring they stand as beacons of quality for years to come. Continual upkeep and updates will ensure our newest schools remain at the forefront of educational environments.
  • Revitalizing Jordan High School: Jordan High School, with its rich history and deep roots in our community, deserves special attention. I advocate for focused enhancements, including restroom modernizations, upgraded lighting systems, and state-of-the-art audiovisual installations for the auditorium and stadium. This isn’t just about renovations; it’s about respecting our legacy while building for the future.
  • Proactive Maintenance Across the Board: Prevention is better than cure. By ensuring timely maintenance and checks across all schools, we can avert major setbacks, saving costs and ensuring our schools are always conducive to learning.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: As technology and teaching methods evolve, our facilities must too. From modern labs to versatile classrooms, we must be ready for the next wave of educational innovation.

Balancing our focus between modern establishments and cherished institutions, I’m committed to advocating that every student, no matter which school they attend, benefits from an inspiring and state-of-the-art environment tailored for the demands of today’s educational landscape.

Jordan High School Hallway
A hallway in a school.